Highlights from Breaking Development

Breaking Development conference (BDConf) is a roving conference focused on bettering the mobile web. It’s two full days of invaluable talks from experts in Responsive Design, UX/UI, and plenty more.

A few us from Whistle Studios attended BDConf when it rolled through our Washington, DC neighborhood. Here are a few talks that really stood out:

Ben Callahan – Letting Go of Workflow Baggage

Ben Callahan’s talk zoomed in on the importance of not only working for clients, but educating them. This starts early in the business relationship, from explaining to the client why you do what you do (not just what you do) and managing expectations throughout project completion to make sure everyone’s happy with progress.

Lea Alcantara – Beyond Static: The New Design System

Lea Alcantara’s talk highlighted how important it is for design to keep up with advancements in underlying technology. Throw out those tired static comps (at least, most of the time.)

Megan Zlock – A More Beautiful and Accessible Web for All!

Megan Zlock stressed the importance (and moral necessity) of designing websites with all people in mind. When accessibility is the basis of design, everybody wins.

Not only was it inspiring to attend the conference and hear from so many experts in the field—going over everything from design for all and more tech-savvy design—but it was eye-opening to see just how processes varied from team to team. While “best practices” are generally agreed upon within the industry, they certainly aren’t set in stone—food for thought as teams (like and including us) work to perfect their own processes.

Photo credit: Hiep Dinh