Learning for all ages

While PBS KIDS is kid-friendly, we wanted to build a parent-friendly experience, too. Keeping parents in mind, we’ve built a number of websites that are learning-intensive, but also fun and captivating for those over the age of 5, as well.

In fact, the best way to build a website for both parents and children was to focus on opportunities through which both could have fun and learn together.

The value:

We’ve worked alongside PBS KIDS for over 5 years, and accommodated fast turnarounds on a website that has millions of users. Working with PBS KIDS to during a recent brand refresh meant understanding stakeholders’ feedback as well as navigating the challenges in launching a new brand. We focused on how to partner closely with PBS KIDS to understand the business and marketing strategies, and deliver exceptional creative products.

The results:

PBS KIDS is the #1 educational site for children, and now with almost half a decade of working together and numerous sites launched, we’re happy to be considered a trusted partner for PBS KIDS.


  • Used for educational purposes in classrooms
  • 74.3% of visitors are in the United States
  • Ranked as a site at 2,847, globally
  • PBS KIDS Brands: 11

Live projects:

Whistle Studios provided:

  • Web Design
  • UX Design
  • Marketing
  • Front-end Development
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Web Design